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店长日志📔2|我们的试营业 Store Manager's Log 📔 2 | Our Soft Opening

随着装修工作的不断推进,我们的店终于开始试营业啦!这其中的各种艰辛经历真的是让人回想起来都觉得不可思议。 先来欣赏一下我们漂亮的店铺吧!

With the continuous progress of the decoration work, our store has finally started its trial operation! The various hardships experienced during this journey are truly incredible to reminisce about. Let's first appreciate the beauty of our store!

目前店铺还没有完全装修完😔 不过大部分的产品已经准备到位!无论是猫猫🐱狗狗🐶的主食或者零食,又或是衣服餐具,还是玩具和日用品,都是英国货物最全且最独特的!

The shop's not completely done with renovations 😔, but most of our products are ready to roll! Whether it's main meals or treats for your adorable cats 🐱 and dogs 🐶, trendy clothes and fancy tablewares, or toys and everyday essentials – we've got the most extensive and unique selection of products in UK!


Last weekend, our place was buzzing with a crowd – so many lovely customers visited! Huge thanks to these beautiful people for their warmth and patience 😚! We're putting in the effort to enhance all services during this trial period. Your support means the world to us! 👍🏻