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这是一个特殊的旅程📝对于我来说,也是一个新的热情、动力和期待的开始🎏从自己喜欢宠物养第一只猫猫到养了第二只猫猫,我觉得我的世界里不能没有🐱,选择grooming就是一个正确且刺激的开始。既然选择了我觉得就要做到最好,Viola就是我的指路灯😎 虽然已经具备了不少洗护经验和技能,但是第一次去参加One teaser Grooming 其实还蛮紧张本以为grooming很难很累,但是当我真正站在学习Grooming的地方,了解到的这个工作更多的是对宠物付出的耐心、爱心和细心,在学习给宠物洗护的时候大部分🐱🐶真的很乖,但是也难免会遇到一些有点小脾气的小东西,这时候就是展现最温柔的一面去安抚他们,用声音和动作和他们交流,让他们感受到你并不会伤害他们,让他们感受到在这个环境是安全舒适的🫶🏼

It's a special journey 📝 For me. It's also the beginning of a new passion, motivation and anticipation 🎏 From my first cat to a second, I can't live without them in my world now🐱 Choosing grooming is the right and exciting way to start. Since I chose to do my best, Viola is my guiding light 😎 Although I had a good background of pet grooming, I was still quite nervous the first time I went to the One Teaser Grooming. I thought grooming was complicated and tiring, but when I stood where I learned about grooming, the job is more about the patience, love and care you put into your pet and that you must be patient, caring and careful. When learning to wash and care for pets, most of them 🐱🐶 are good. Still, it is inevitable to encounter some small temperament of the little things. This time is to show my most gentle side to appease them, with the voice and movement and their communication, so that they feel that you will not hurt them so that they feel safe and comfortable in this environment 🫶!


I've also met some adorable ones in the meantime 🐶 This giant poodle is exquisitely styled and, at the same time, lively enough to pounce on me!


YO ~ there is a little cute" leaf blinded" 😌 will give you a click click click click cut off your fur also, you cute big 👀 really can not refuse to spoil the pretty ah home people, really want to be cute crazy 🥹