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Viola Cattery

The process of getting a kitten

What to Expect

1. After confirming the intention to get a cat from Viola Cattery, you will receive a cat purchase contract before making the payment. After the contract details are confirmed and signed by both parties, you are obligated to pay a non-refundable deposit to the cattery. Then the cat purchase contract will officially come into effect.

2. Kittens will complete two vaccinations, internal and external deworming, neutering and microchipping at 12-16 weeks. Then you can make an appointment to pick up the cat and pay the balance three days before picking up the cat.

(Normally, kittens can be picked up within 3-7 days after neutering. The specific time can be agreed by both parties based on the kitten’s specific recovery condition.)

3. Parents can take the cat home after the remaining balance is paid off and signing the "Cat Pickup Health Status Form" when picking up the cat.

(If there are other testing needs, you can require those tests at your own expense after picking up the cat.)

4. After the kitten arrived home, the cattery will issue a TICA registration certificate to the new owner and use the collected personal information of the new owner to purchase one-year commercial insurance for the kitten.

(Commercial insurance takes 3-7 working days to officially take effect)


After all procedures are completed, the cat will start a happy journey with the new owner!


1. 确定购猫意向后,猫猫家长将会收到Viola Cattery提供的购猫合同,双方确认签字后,家长须向猫舍支付定金。此时购猫合同也将正式生效。

2. 小猫将在12-16周完成两针疫苗、体内体外驱虫、绝育手术和芯片。家长可预约接猫时间,并且在接猫前三天完成尾款支付。


3. 家长在接猫时支付剩余尾款并签署“接猫健康状况表”,即可接猫回家。


4. 小猫到家后,猫舍将会发给家长TICA注册证书,并用收集到的家长个人信息来为小猫购买一年的商业全险。




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