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Viola Cattery

Welcome to Viola Cattery. Our cattery has been TICA registered since 2018. Our founder is a true cat lover so we are still running the cattery based on a hobby basis. Viola Cattery aims to bring more happiness to cat lovers. All the kings and queens are world champion lines selected from many countries. We guarantee the healthiness of all kittens. Kittens will be fully vaccinated, health checked by authorized vets, microchipped and neutered, unless on special conditions. We also offer a 4-week PetPlan pet insurance so you don't need to worry of unexpected incidents. There are not many litters every year but there are choices for British Long/Shorthair, Ragdolls, and Munchkins.


Happiness Starts Here

A journey of surprises and happiness


Health Guarantee

All kittens will be checked by vets before leaving. They will be vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and neutered. Hence, you don't need to worry of the conditions of kittens. 

To ensure the kittens can adapt to the new environments, we also offer a 4-week PetPlan pet insurance (up to £4,000 claim).


Full Pack Peace of Mind

We offer a full package for kittens going to the new home. The package includes almost everything you need: cat litter, litter box, small cat tree, food, snacks, toys. The package worth around £200.

Also, you can turn down this full package and we can give you a discount.


Lifetime Communication

Having our kitten means you will become a member of Viola Family. As long as you are keeping our kitten, we will provide continuous communication and you will never be forgotten. 


Special Discounts on Products

As a Viola Family member, you can be granted 15% off on all "Viola Essential" products, as long as the kitten is still with you. We will also offer occasional event and discounts for Viola Family members.

Available Kittens

Our available kittens are shown below. If you are interested, please contact us through email or website chat. 

​Prices start from £1,200. Prices include vaccination, microchip, deworm, and neutering, plus the full welcome pack (cat litter, litter box, small cat tree, food, snacks, toys. The package worth around £200).