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ViolaPets Grooming Salon

Powered by Iv San Bernard

ViolaPets Health Grooming

  • Brushing/Untangling (not shaving)

  • Control nails&ears

  • The use of the perfect shampoo for standard type of coat

  • The use of the perfect mix of conditioners for standard&individual need

  • The use of a pet-friendly hairblower + brushing

  • Finishing touch of hygiene

  • Your choice of perfume

  • Our prices by hour of work for customized service

ViolaPets 健康洗护沙龙

  • 专业梳毛/开毛结 (非剃毛)

  • 清洁耳朵, 保持足部健康均为标准服务

  • 针对爱宠的具体情况使用正确的沐浴露(组合)

  • 根据爱宠的个体需求进行正确的护毛素搭配

  • 专业的洗护设备保证爱宠安全

  • 用完美的产品元素作为结束

  • 您可以自选喜爱的香水味道

  • 定制化服务我们将根据时间进行收费

Our Features

Care with profession and true love



  • Iv San Bernard trained team

  • Decent theoretical background on skin & cosmetics knowledge

  • Professional line products for regular maintenance and special treatment

  • 在意大利Iv San Bernard接受专业培训的专业团队

  • 具备宠物皮肤和洗护产品的专业知识背景

  • 拥有完善的产品线,可以满足日常维护和特殊治疗的各种需求。



  • Professional teams with knowledge (can spot the needs of your pets)

  • Professional products (can address the situations effectively)

  • Professional equipments (e.g. SPA machine, ozone machine, water softener)

  • 专业的团队能够发现您的爱宠真正需求

  • 各种专业产品和足够的理论知识可以解决从日常维护到皮肤问题治疗的各种需求

  • 专业的设备来完成各种需求 (包括SPA机器、臭氧机和软化水)


Customized Service

  • Every pet is unique for its nature and its situation.

  • We provide service based on the situation when your pet came in. So we may use different products (or mix) for your pets based on different situations and seasons.

  • 每只宠物在不同时期的状态和情况都是完全不同的,所以我们为每个宠物建立了个人档案。

  • 我们提供的服务是针对宠物具体情况而制定的策略,不是简单的用一种产品一类产品处理所有问题。

  • ​根据宠物的具体情况,我们会使用复杂的混合配比,而这些都是包含在服务内的。


Personalized Plan

  • We offer long-term plan for your requirements

  • Based on the needs such as regular maintenance, championship competition or health concerns, we offer personalized plan for you.

  • 如果您的宠物遇到了问题,我们可以为您制定一个长期的恢复计划。

  • ​我们可以为几乎所有需求提供具体的长期方案:

    • ​日常维护和保养

    • 猫猫狗狗的比赛准备

    • ​皮肤问题的解决方案


Ethical, Educated Pet Care

  • We are professional and it is our duty to be educated and patient. We try our very best to understand and interpret your wants and needs, but will never sacrifice quality, love and care.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason that may, in our interpretation, endanger the health and soundness of the pet.

  • Please remember, grooming is an art and a skill, not a factory to produce standardized products. We connect with every pet on a very deep level. We must never forget the feelings and fears of the four-legged friends we are caring for.

  • Please take your pet's age, past trauma, and emotional state into consideration when discussing the length and cost of the grooming process.

  • Humane treatment, mutual respect, continual education on the latest research is the very core of what sets us apart from the average pet care establishment.

  • Quality environment, quality products and quality care.

Our Services


Iv San Bernard Classic

From £118 (2 hrs)

  • The Iv San Bernard classic service is already a luxury experience for your pets;

  • It provides all essentials for regular maintenance or deep cleaning;

  • The full session covers a range of 2 hours of work, including pre-brushing, cleaning, closure, drying and finishing touch;

  • Nails, ears and anal controls, and open light tangles are standard;

  • Based on the situation of your pets, we may provide pre-mask for a proper washing and cleaning;

  • If the tangles are severe, we will open all the tangles first;

  • Any hours out of the 2-hour coverage will be charged on a £40/30mins basis;

  • Results of your pet should last for at least 7 days.

Iv San Bernard 经典洗护

From £118 (2 hrs)

  • Iv San Bernard经典洗护对于您的爱宠来说已经是一个奢华的享受了,经典但不简配;

  • 无论是日常养护还是深层清洁,这个服务都是一个很好的选择;

  • 经典洗护一般时间为2小时,期间将进行专业的洗前梳理、洗护、养护、吹干和完美收尾;

  • 清洁耳朵、保持脚掌清洁和剪指甲、控制肛门腺,以及开轻微毛结都将是标准服务;

  • 根据您的宠物具体情况,我们可能会提供一个pre-mask来针对爱宠的情况进行具体处理;

  • 如果毛结问题严重,我们会在第一个预约时间内尽量处理(非剃毛),然后建议您在一周左右的时间后再预约洗护。因为开毛结对于毛孩子来说是一件压力比较大的事情,时间过长容易对毛孩子产生巨大的精神压力,因此我们建议进行第二次预约来进行一次深层洗护;

  • 如果服务时间超过两小时,我们将按照£40/半小时进行收费;

  • 我们的洗护效果两三天后会更加惊艳,而且最少可以保持一周以上。


Iv San Bernard SPA

From £198 (3 hrs)

  • The Iv San Bernard SPA is a special experience for relaxing, deep cleaning, anti-itching, and treatment;

  • A SPA can provide effective influence on altering your pets' coat health situations;

  • The full session covers a range of 3 hours of work, including pre-brushing, pre-mask, SPA, cleaning, closure, drying and finishing touch;

  • Nails, ears and anal controls, and open light tangles are standard;

  • Based on the situation of your pets, we may mix different products to address specific problems;

  • Any hours out of the 3-hour coverage will be charged on a £40/30mins basis;

  • The results of SPA would be more vivid after 3 days, and we would recommend to book 2 following sessions every 2 weeks.

Iv San Bernard 奢华SPA

From £198 (3 hrs)

  • Iv San Bernard SPA对于爱宠来说是一个特殊的洗护体验,可以满足宝宝需求包括:放松、深层清洁、止痒和皮肤问题;

  • SPA不仅仅是一种奢华的享受,更是一个非常有效的改变爱宠皮肤和皮毛情况的方法;

  • SPA一般历时3小时,期间包括洗前梳理、Pre-mask、SPA、洗护、养护、吹干和完美收尾;

  • 清洁耳朵、保持脚掌清洁和剪指甲、控制肛门腺,以及开轻微毛结都将是标准服务;

  • 根据爱宠的具体情况,我们会使用正确的产品混合来达到效果;

  • 如果服务时间超过三小时,我们将按照£40/半小时进行收费;

  • SPA的效果一般在三天后最为明显,同时我们建议能够预约两次基础洗护来巩固效果 (每次间隔两周)。


Customized Service

From £504
​£168 x 3 sessions

  • Customized service is provided to those who prefers to have a long-term maintenance or treatment plan for their pets;

  • All sessions will be fully customized and will be informed to the owner;

  • For maintenance plans, we recommend a session every 3 weeks (21 days);

  • For normal treatment, we would recommend a session every 2 weeks (14 days);

  • For severe problems, we would recommend a session every 10 days at the beginning;

  • If you want to prepare for pet shows, please contact us at least 45 days before the show;

  • Please ensure you bring you pets to us based on the schedule, otherwise the improvements may be delayed and lead to more sessions.

Iv San Bernard 定制服务

From £504
​£168 x 3 sessions

  • 定制化服务是完全根据您的需求来设计的,无论是长期的维护保养还是针对皮毛问题的治疗方案,都可以与我们进行联系;

  • 所有的计划都将提前告知宠物主人;

  • 对于日常维护方案,我们建议每三周进行一次洗护;

  • 对于轻微皮毛问题,我们推荐每两周进行一次洗护;

  • 对于严重的皮毛问题,我们推荐每10天进行一次洗护;

  • 如果您希望让爱宠参加宠物展或比赛,请在参赛日前至少45天与我们联系;

  • 请您按照我们的方案来进行洗护,否则可能会出现情况的反复,导致需要更多的预约。

Book appointment by webchat,
Or call/text: 07449120735
Or WeChat: Violapets_Grooming


1. "Washing/Bathing is bad for pets, so it shouldn't be done very often."

Bathing with harsh chemicals for any human or pets is not a good choice. Pets' skins are more sensitive so using harsh shampoo or even baby shampoo, is very damaging to a dog or a cat skin. Dogs and cats also have a different PH balance than humans and require different products. ISB line is formulated based upon the research so we know the oil on a pet's coat is essential and necessary to protect him or her from bacteria, pollutants and other environmental factors. If you remove this oil without replacing it with a clean oil layer that is nourishing and not damaging to the skin, you open up the door for all kinds of dryness, itching, skin problems, and health issues.

2. “The pet is shedding quit a lot recently and I can't handle it anymore, so I should just shave the coat all off!”

Please notice hair growth is cyclical. Shaving means shorter, pin-like hairs everywhere as well as the danger of exposing the skin to bacteria and pollutants as well as harmful UV rays. Also, a healthy coat of pet requires a full structure of combined primary and secondary hair, which needs time. Shaving all coat will make the cyclical worse every time.

3. "That style is so cute! I want my dog to be groomed like that!"

A pet should be healthy not to be only cute. Every type of coat has their functions for your pet, so we would not recommend all pets to be groomed in a standardized way. Based on the functions of your pet's coat, we groom and style your pets's coat in a correct and healthy way.

Long-term wrong grooming style could cause severe skin problems.

4. "My pets is sensitive and hates being groomed, so I don't like to put them through it and take the risk. Also, they are still babies, so I won't take them for grooming too soon."

All pets love routine. Frequent visits help alleviate unknown fears and stress. Proper and ethical handling leads to a calm and happy pet. If your pet is terrified of coming to the groomer, you should find out why.

Also it is a misunderstanding that puppies and kittens should not be washed. In fact, their skins are lack of nutritions during this period, which requires more nutrition for coat growth.

5. "Shave the pet. He has dry skin and it is too hot for him to have hair."

Shaving will only aggravate the dryness. Shaving strips the skin and hair shafts of precious oils.

Hair is a sun and wind barrier. On a healthy dog with healthy skin and coat, the hairs will raise and lower the ventilate the animal when they get cold or overheated.

So shaving is NEVER the solution!!

6. "Shave it off. My pet has allergies and is scratching all the time; I have allergies; and the hair grows too fast."

Shaving clogs pores and exposes skin, intensifying itchiness and irritation.

Length of hair will not reduct allergies. Regular, correct cleansing and re-nourtishment of the skin will.

Shaving will not slow growth, it will compound skin irritation.

1. "洗澡对于宠物来说是有害的,所以能不洗就不洗。"

使用侵害性较大的产品对于人或者宠物来说都是不好的,而宠物的皮肤更加敏感,所以如果使用强烈的香波甚至是婴儿香波对于宠物来说都是不好的。这是因为宠物皮肤的PH环境与我们人类完全不同,所以需要特殊的产品。ISB的产品基于生化科学基础,可以为爱宠重建一个平衡健康的PH环境,这样可以保护爱宠的皮肤不受细菌和外界有害物的侵害。所以理论上使用ISB产品是可以每天进行洗护的 (虽然这个是没有必要的)。

2. "最近宠物掉毛太厉害了,我已经受不了了,所以应该把毛都剃掉!"

宠物的皮毛结构与我们人类不同,而毛发的生长也是一个周期性的过程。剃毛往往意味着更短像针一样的毛发到处都是,这对宠物的皮肤健康也有危害。同时健康的皮毛结构对主毛和副毛之间的健康和稳定结构,而剃毛将毁坏这种结构,造成主毛与副毛持续性的不健康生长,甚至造成长期的皮肤问题 (比如大象皮问题)。

3. "那个造型太可爱了!我要把我的狗狗修成那个造型!"





5. "帮我把宠物的毛剃掉吧。它的皮肤干燥,而且夏天长毛肯定很热"


6. “把毛都剃掉吧。我的宠物有过敏反应,所以一直在挠痒;我对毛发过敏;它们的毛长得太快了。”


Feel the Differences

Washing is not only for clean. You can tell the colour is enhanced


The dry coat becomes silky and smoothy.


The coat shows the true champion colour after washing.


A silky transformation for a ragdoll


This is how we address tangles and knots for cats by only brushing and not shaving!


See how many tangles and knots we took out.


See how many tangles and knots we took out.