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Pet International Travel

ViolaPets provides safe and easy solutions for pet international travels. We work with government certified vet and travel agencies to provide the best service with affordable prices.

Services we offer:
Pets traveling with owners (in cabin)
Pets traveling along (cargo)



  • 宠物随机出行服务

  • 宠物有氧舱托运服务

  • EHC证书

  • 狗狗居家隔离兽医上门服务

At Beach With Dog

In Cabin Travel

Travel with COnfidence


Full Package Service

If you are planning to travel with your pets, we offer a one-stop service for your travel. You can contact us 5 weeks before your preferred travel date so we can prepare all the documentation for you, including rabies, EHC, and other documentation if necessary.





Itemized Service

We can also provide assistance to your specific requirements.

  1. EHC Issuance
    We work with DEFRA certified vet so we can provide EHC to you as fast as 24 hours.

  2. Home Visit for Dog Quarantine 
    Our vet can provide affordable service for 3 home visits during your dog quarantine at home.




  1. 出具EHC

  2. 狗狗居家隔离兽医上门

Pet Cargo Travel

Safety is the prior concern for all pet owners when considering pet travel. ViolaPets believes that "Let the professionals do their job". Airpets has one of the longest history in UK pet travel industry and one of the most experienced pet travel agency. They are also an official recognized agency regards to pet import and export services. ViolaPets is proud to be Airpets' official partner for international pet travel service, providing pet owners extra security and convenience by opening a branch in London.  


About Airpets

Founded in 1966, Airpets has one of the longest history in pet international travel industry. Airpets is also UK government recognized pet travel and import clearance agency. With a professional and experienced team, Airpets can provide a wide range of services including travel, accommodation, travel vet, and quarantine. 

More importantly, Airpets is a member if the IATA (International Air Transport Association), which means Airpets can make flexible airline bookings. Airpets also works closely  with all air cargo operators to ensure travel routes remain accessible without compromising on the safety or security of any pets.




Our Service

As the official partner of Airpets, we do not take advantages of information asymmetry and make profits on information gaps. Hence, the prices you get from us are the same as what you would get from Airpets directly. You can also contact us to contact them directly and we can forward you to the right person.

The services we provide includes:

1. pet international travel arrangements;

2. accommodation;

3. travel kennel customization;

4. EHC (export health certificate) issuance; and

5. pet import quarantine.



1. 宠物运输的所有安排;

2. 宠物托管;

3. 宠物运输木箱的购买和定制;

4. 开具宠物健康证明;

5. 宠物入关隔离。

Travel Costs: What to Expect

Based on our experiences working with Airpets for the past three years, the estimated costs for international travel from the UK to other countries can be shown in the following breakdowns (please notice due to the fluctuations of prices and costs, the following figures are only estimated):

1. UK to China: (£1,500 - 2,000)

Flight tickets+kennels+admin fees: around £1,000 -1,300;

China customs clearance + domestic flights: around ¥3,800.

2. UK to US: (£1,200 - 1,800)

Flight tickets+kennels+admin fees: around £1,000 -1,300;

US customs clearance: around $150 - 300.

3. UK to Singapore: (£1,200 - 2,000)

Flight tickets+kennels+admin fees: around £1,000 -1,300;

Singapore customs clearance + domestic flights: around £100 -300.

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