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Iv San Bernard is a Revolution

Iv San Bernard is not only a line of products, but more a new philosophy of proper pet skin care. It is a revolutionary change for your pet and your professional career, because the products, methods, equipments, and procedures are all based on knowledge. You will see we work on biological knowledge to understand pet and their skin health, so that we can properly use the products to help those angels. It is also the reason the washing and grooming of Iv San Bernard is entirely different and effective.

Because Iv San Bernard is built on science.


We Sell, and more importantly, We Support

We are more than a distributor and supplier. When we supply Iv San Bernard to you or your business, we will build a long-term partnership. We will continuously support you, in terms of products, knowledge, equipment, and marketing materials, where necessary. Our goal is to make pets healthier and happier. Please be aware that we are your partner so we wish all your success, because your success is our success and the welfare of the loved angels.

We will try our best to continuously  help and support you!


We Hope Groomers' Work can be Properly Paid Off

Pet welfare is our number one concern, but we also prioritise the welfare of the hardworking groomers. We admire groomers' work and respect the contribution of this dedicating group, not mentioning we are part of it. We believe a healthy community needs not only dedication and sacrifice but should be awarded with success! It is not healthy for a community to develop without success, so we want to help all groomers to be properly paid off!

More paid off, more groomers, and more healthy and happy pets!

Iv San Bernard UK

Iv San Bernard Products Are An Exclusive Line Of Fine Italian Pet Spa Products.

Iv San Bernard is described by European Press Agencies as a leading company in the pet field in quality, design and marketing. They are the top-selling pet grooming products in Europe and Asia now available in the United Kingdom!

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  • 健康干净的毛发应该是顺滑油亮没有异味的 (异味大概率不是所谓的体味)

  • 如果你的爱宠出现了毛发干枯、打结、黯淡甚至出现了异味,那么你需要的不仅仅是一套洗剪吹!


  • 我们的毛发养护调理可以从根本上改善和解决宠物毛发出现的各种问题。

  • 你将发现原来你的爱宠无论长短毛,都不会打结或者有异味,而且变得顺滑油亮!

Do you know that pet grooming is NOT wash&dry&cut??

Check with us to see if you have been wrong the whole time

Check with us to see if you have been wrong the whole time

  • Healthy and hygienic coat should be smooth, untangled and shiny with no odor and smells.

  • If your pets have above problems, wash&dry&cut will NOT work to address this problem.

  • Cutting the coat shorter or even shaving them off only makes the problem less visible (so you are in fact ignoring the problem, which could make it worse!)

  • Iv San Bernard Coat Care will address and to fundamentally deal with the problem!

  • You will see the difference!

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Why Iv San Bernard?

Animal Skin Care that Changes Lives


Safe Pet Certified

Iv San Bernard is the first European brand to create cosmetic products for animals with the Safe Pet Cosmetics® certification


Customized Product Lines

Iv San Bernard provides customized products lines to individuals, professional groomers, and breeders. Products range from daily maintenance to special skin treatment.


Address the Real Problem

Iv San Bernard aims to address the real problem for healthy coat and happy pets, by improving the skin condition.


Support and Education

We provide sufficient supports to end users and our professional partners. You will get supports, certification and education opportunity from our team.

The Science of Iv San Bernard

  • ISB offers an array of nature-based products designed for various types of coats and proper skin management. Special attention to the skin, hair and health of the animal through proper product use, selection, techinical support and training is the main focus of ISB.

  • ISB strives to move groomers away from the "shave-wash-pay-go" cycle and towards a business that provides the highest standards of customer and pet satisfaction. 

  • Iv San Bernard offers a full range of choices, including cosmetics (shampoo and balsam etc.), accessories (combs, scissors, stripping tools etc.) and equipments (ozone machine, spa machine and spa bath etc.)

  • If you are a dedicated groomer interested in moving your business to the next level, Iv San Bernard is right partner for your business and your customers!


Based on science of pet skin care


Natural ingredients get into skins to rebalance the skin environment


Highlights the importance of conditioners/balsams


3 Types of coat based on the structure between primary and secondary hair



Scientific way to enhance and improve the health and colour of coats


Full range of support


Recommend a five-step procedure: Brush, Shampoo, Conditioner, Dry, Finishing Touch


Regular maintenance every 3 weeks (skin renews itself every 21 days)

Iv San Bernard Makes A Difference

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

& The Right Products, Accessories and Equipments

  • More than 15 lines of professional&pet safe cosmetics

  • Full range of accessories

  • The correct and professional equipments, all made in Italy


Traditional Line

composizione_fruit of the groomer.jpg

Fruit of the Groomers

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The Best


Black Passion


Caviar Green


Mineral Complex

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 19.48.05.png

Accessories & Furniture

Fancy the Grooming Revolution?

Joining Iv San Bernard UK

What we offer

Easy Start

We offer great prices for professional groomers with no minimum order requirements.

We will offer you a customized price offer if you have special needs, subject to eligibility.


You are welcomed to use them for your business or sell them in your store to more pet lovers. You can also design your career path as a groomer, a educator, or a distributor.

Full Support

It is not an easy way to understand all theories and functions of all products, so we can offer technical and training support to you and your staff. Essential trainings are free.

Mutual Benefits

We have a well-developed and continuously updating system to ensure price stability and minimize unhealthy competition, so that we can achieve mutual benefits and protect everyone in the market.

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