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About Iv San Bernard UK

Iv San Bernard Products Are An Exclusive Line Of Fine Italian Pet Spa Products.

Iv San Bernard is described by European Press Agencies as a leading company in the pet field in quality, design and marketing. They are the top-selling pet grooming products in Europe and Asia now available in the United Kingdom!

Safe Pet Cosmetics certificate


Thanks to the Safe Pet Cosmetics certification, Iv San Bernard products are synonymous with quality and safety for our four-legged friend

The Iv San Bernard Story

The story starts from 1995. Iv San Bernard is the leading European manufacturer of animal care products from Italy. ISB produces an array of products designed for various coat types and proper skin management with all products based on natural ingredients. Special attention to the skin, hair and health of the animals through proper product use, selection, technical support and training are ISB's core attributes.

Iv San Bernard's mandate to its grooming customers is to provide them with product, technical support and marketing support which will make them stand out from the rest. Because of this approach, ISB is now distributed in over 35 countries (including Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Uruguay, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Malta, many European countries, and Russia) and has changed the way in which we look at and consider the profession of grooming. ISB provides products that will improve the end results of the groom thus improving overall customer satisfaction.

Iv San Bernard UK is owned and operated by ViolaPets where we not only align with the mission of our Italian founder, but also place a special emphasis on education. We teach the Science of Skin & Hair thereby enabling our customers to understand how and why our products work. Our professional expertise allows us to provide solutions to all skin and coat issues and we encourage our customers to take their knowledge to another level and become an expert too. We have created a culture of respect for ideas and creativity, kindness, fairness and fun, where we all work together to improve the health of animals.

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