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店长日志📔3.1|我们开业半年啦!- Store Manager's Log 📔 3.1 | 6-Month Plog

🎊ViolaPets开业已经将近半年的时间啦🎊!在这半年的时间!我们一直致力于为顾客和他们的小宝贝打造一个美丽、安静、高质量的店🥰!很多顾客说我们是😻“猫咪的天堂”、“铲屎官天堂” 和开心顾客宝宝们用这些词语夸奖我们!这也是我们越做越好的道理中最最最重要的原因!下面来看看我们都做了哪些升级吧😻

🎊 ViolaPets has been open for almost six months now 🎊! During this time, we've been dedicated to creating a beautiful, peaceful, and high-quality store for our customers and their little ones 🥰! Many customers have called us a 😻 "cat paradise" and a "pet parent's heaven," and our happy customers' praises are the most important reason we keep improving! Let's take a look at the upgrades we've made 😻.

Before After

首先就是外观上的一大改变!不知道大家还记不记得之前这个🖤黑黢黢⚫️的墙,现在已经成功升级为奶油色🧁啦! 我们的每块玻璃透出来的画面都是像艺术品🖼️一样的,在伦敦这个天气☁️变幻莫测的地方,任何天气都不会影响到VP的美丽😻

First is the major change in appearance! Remember the dark 🖤 walls we had before? They have now been successfully upgraded to a lovely cream color 🧁! Each pane of our glass showcases scenes that look like artworks 🖼️. In London's unpredictable weather ☁️, VP's beauty remains unaffected, no matter the conditions 😻.