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100天店长日志❤️100 days-store manager diary


Today is the 100th day since I got the key to the shop! 🥳🥳🥳From the first day to the 100th day, I

have witnessed VP London from an empty construction site without concrete to a pretty decoration, as you can see today. How time flies!


I really would love to talk about my feelings for these hundred days. Since I got the key, my hand had been shaking out of excitement.

When the door 🚪 opened, an enormous yet dark space shocked me; when I took the first step into the shop, I even felt myself sinking inside. I used the torch steadily, slowly swiftly checked every corner of this gigantic house bits by bits, imagining the glorious interior design it would have.

一周后迅速开展工作的Nicola兄弟👬就已经把水泥铺好了🤩 真的让我眼前一亮(因为哥把灯💡装好了! 感恩的心❤️)这是我在英国第一次看到如此有效率的施工团队, 紧接着我看着Viola一步步和Nicola确认设计图的细节,明确出每一块区域的功能和定位, 我只能说VP团队的脑洞和想象力是无限的♾️️!从商品区域到Grooming区域,VP团队从大板块落实到小细节,一步一个脚印👣的开展中,真的是很想给大家都手动点赞👍笔芯❤️!我保证开业后的VP一定会令大家眼前一亮🤩!

A week later, our capable brother Nicola 👬 had finished cement filling, which lit up the whole space 🤩 (because he also installed the light💡! Full of thankfulness❤️). This is the first time ever in the UK I have seen such efficiency of a con